Welcome to VOL. TWO of LIT-TAPES.

Keeping literary projects afloat is no easy task, but sometimes you respect the work you’ve published, and the writers you’ve published, too much to let something fade away.

As most of you know, I’m the fiction editor for Bridge Eight, a co-host of our Drunken Book Review podcast, and all of this comes in addition to both of my teaching positions at the high school and college level. I’ve recently bought a house with my wife. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the literary world, that when real-life heats up, I realized I only have two hands.

But that’s the nature of this, right?

I really dig these stories, especially once I heard them over audio. That’s what makes this project unique for me, and all the more a necessity to keep alive. Lit-Tapes isn’t going anywhere, especially when work like this deserves to be heard.

Enjoy VOL. TWO below, and check out VOL. ONE in the contents at the bottom of this page.

VOL. TWO featuring work by J. Bradley, Drew Knapp, Joseph S. Pete, and Matt Dube.



VOL. ONE – featuring Steph Post, Riley Manning, and Grace Lanoue

VOL. TWO – featuring J. Bradley, Drew Knapp, Joseph S. Pete, and Matt Dube