Lit-Tapes originated from the nugget of conceit that was The Underpass. For those who don’t know, our original project, The Underpass, was a short-lived exploration into the untapped darkness of the liternet – sorry for the pun. We published two small issues of The Underpass Review, which are still accessible through this website, but what we found we were most interested and invested in was the Drunken Book Review Podcast, which we’ll continue to publish through our new project, Lit-Tapes.

The Drunken Book Review Podcast showed us that the audio side of literature is not only a growing market, but perhaps an ever-malleable one.

Our goal for Lit-Tapes is to create mixtapes for the reader. Whether it be four short stories read by the authors themselves, or a mixture of stories and poetry, we want to take advantage of the rise in audio and use it to give readers/listeners access to the bomb literature they otherwise ignore.

We’ll continue to publish issues, but solely of audio content. Feel free to explore our lit-tapes, or listen to our catalog of Drunken Book Review Podcasts. We’re not here to start a movement, nor begin a revolution, but rather, find dope ways to expose people to cool shit.